Our History

For over 50 years, the professionals of Corporate Financial Services (CFS) have worked with individuals, families and privately owned businesses, to create life insurance, estate plans and tax plans that generate and preserve wealth. Sidney Friedman founded Corporate Financial Services more than 50 years ago. Sidney believed that there is always a solution to every individual's needs.

CFS was created by hiring smart, ethical, and hardworking individuals that make the client's financial goals their top priority. Today this corporate culture is still strictly enforced through Sidney's successor, Scott Harrison. As CFS President and lead ChFC as of 2003, he has continued to build the company by hiring the brightest and most talented individuals in the financial services industry. The professionals at CFS have over 100 years of combined financial experience. By identifying solutions that address each client's unique situation, we have distinguished ourselves and been named by many national publications for the creative approach we apply to solving financial problems. Our success is a result of our commitment to detailed, client-specific research applied to each unique client situation.


Our Mission

Our strategy is simple. Our execution is ingenious.

Here’s what we do:  Well-organized, highly specialized financial professionals work together, to evaluate and analyze your situation.  Then we develop a specific strategy targeted to your unique set of circumstances. Once a strategy is agreed upon, our professionals identify and recommend the opportunities, innovations, and products appropriate to help improve your financial position.

Innovative approaches to conserving and maximizing your capital are evaluated from a careful and balanced perspective developed through years of industry experience - with strict adherence to solid and established business fundamentals.

Our team collaborates with your accounting firm and law firm in recommending the solutions and products.  By being affiliated with more than one hundred companies, our advice and knowledge provides you with the ability to help select the appropriate products for you.

After exhaustive due diligence, CFS professionals provide access to some of the top investment and insurance companies* that appropriately suit your financial needs.

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